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#1 US State for going Solar!

Average installed residential and commercial solar prices in Massachusetts have fallen by 30% in the last year. National prices have also dropped steadily, but only by an average of 8%. With a state-wide solar rebate program, performance payments, tax exemptions, and perfect accessibility laws, Massachusetts is the easiest state in which to go solar!

How much can you save with solar?

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Real Great Sky Customer Savings…

Laura Framingham


Projected 25-year Net Savings
  • 28 Panels
  • 7.14 kW System
  • 8036 kWh per year
  • 57 Tons of coal saved
  • Phil Foxboro


    Projected 25-year Net Savings
    • 28 Panels
    • 5.88 kW System
    • 7619 kWh per year
    • 54 Tons of coal saved
    • John Fitchburg


      Projected 25-year Net Savings
      • 25 Panels
      • 7 kW System
      • 9666 kWh per year
      • 69 Tons of coal saved
      • Sachi Belmont


        Projected 25-year Net Savings
        • 50 Panels
        • 14 kW System
        • 12024 kWh per year
        • 85 Tons of coal saved
        • Nancy Acton


          Projected 25-year Net Savings
          • 12 Panels
          • 3.60 kW System
          • 3102 kWh per year
          • 22 Tons of coal saved
          • Matt Fitchburg


            Projected 25-year Net Savings
            • 17 Panels
            • 5.10 kW System
            • 7886 kWh per year
            • 56 Tons of coal saved

            • Boston’s Only Employee-Owned Solar Installer

              Great Sky Solar is Boston’s only employee-owned solar installer. That means every member of our team, as a co-owner, has a vested interest in providing the greatest possible experience for the people we work with. We care about the best materials, the highest quality racking, and providing everything at match-or-beat rates so you can afford it. We pride ourselves on ethical sales practices, empowering you with all the information needed to make the best possible decisions, even if that’s not with our company.

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              My panels look nice, and they are producing! Thank you, Great Sky for helping me to realize my dream of solar powering my heat/ac, home, and car. I am loving my system!Laura B
              You folks have performed great, in less than ideal circumstances, and Patt and I are tickled with the new system.Patt & Phil K
              I got the best solar panels at the lowest price! I’m saving 35% off my electric bill. I couldn’t be happier!John A
              Co-Op Power
              US Federation of Worker Cooperatives
              Best Solar Design, Boston