We’re Staffing a Table at Bike Fridays!

BostonBikeFriday2Sustainability is a big word.

Some people “go sustainable” solely for savings, or for health reasons, and in a lot of cases from a sheer crunching-the-numbers / weighing-the-benefits standpoint? Most of us need little convincing that it’s sheer Vulcan logic to reduce or eliminate processed foods, go organic, not burn oil (foreign or otherwise), ride bikes if it’s safe to do so, or use public transportation (which is having a massive renaissance for a variety of different reasons) if possible.

So in that spirit, since everything’s so interconnected, the co-owners of Great Sky Solar decided to represent ourselves, and lend our energies, to the awesome Bike Friday events that occur on the last Fridays of the month at City Hall Plaza in Boston during the summer!

Check out the website for fun details about the morning event, which includes a FREE breakfast and expo!

On the off chance you’re in the City Hall Plaza area this coming Friday,  June 28th – sometime between 7:00 – 9:00 AM, drop by and say hi to our team!

infoWe’re Staffing a Table at Bike Fridays!