Solar Power for Massachusetts Best for Incentives, Credits, MONEY BACK!

An exciting article recently published by Solar Power Rocks says it all: Massachusetts is the place to be for people contemplating making the switch to solar electric power (as in numero uno in the nation)!

Nowhere can the upfront costs of solar be absorbed more quickly than in the Commonwealth when you combine:

* A possible check from the CEC
* SRECs (Sustainable Renewable Energy Credits – you could get this check annually)
* State tax rebates

And not to forget there are already:

* Federal tax incentives too
* Huge savings off your monthly electric bill (if not the complete elimination thereof!)
* Projected increases in the value of properties with solar to the extent that when and if you sell your property, you could get that upfront cost returned to you again.

We’re pretty excited about all this because we’re doing match-or-beat rates and the highest finder’s fees around, so we’re hoping that puts us in a unique position to deliver on a high quality installation at the lowest cost. And in the state with the most benefits and incentives, the proverbial iron is definitely hot.

Check out the article HERE!

-Michael Monroe

P.S. Who got dead last? It’s a great state, but sadly not for solar: Oklahoma.

infoSolar Power for Massachusetts Best for Incentives, Credits, MONEY BACK!