Shout Outs: Boston Bike & Powisset Farm!

Food and transportation.

Both of those things are, as much as how we consume electricity, at the very heart of living in a way that benefits our health, the local economy, and the air we breathe.

Not everyone’s in a position to switch to cycling for their commute or doing errands for a host of understandable reasons (although for 60 reasons as to why it’s awesome to bike if you can, check THIS out), but for those who can, it’s a great way to add health and vitality to the day while benefiting the planet and benefitin¬†other drivers (fewer cars on the road).

With food, well, everyone knows organic costs more, and not everyone can do all organic all the time. But when we’re able to do so, we’re keeping our money in the local economy which stays in Massachusetts. That benefits us all, because when money gets sucked out of the state into the troughs of larger corporations, it rarely finds its way back. That and rafts of other reasons as to why organic is better have filled countless volumes of text and hours of documentaries (like THIS one).

The point is, it’s all interconnected, and we were honored to staff tables at both the Boston Bike Friday event, as well as during the CSA pickup at the scenic, working Powisset Farm in beautiful Dover, Mass. Huge thanks to both organizations and to the many people who came up and talked with us (we were excited to have already had two site visits because of our chats with people).

Great Sky Solar is really starting to get out there and meet people, and I have to say, it’s a lot of fun. We’re excited for the next two Bike Fridays this summer, as well as perhaps a few more CSAs and other events as time goes by!

-Michael Monroe

infoShout Outs: Boston Bike & Powisset Farm!