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Is Your Home a Good Fit For Solar Energy?

From the melting ice caps to the disappearing shorelines around the world, the effects of global warming have become much more apparent in recent years. As people begin to notice the signs of global warming all around them, many are making efforts to reduce their environmental impact. One way they are doing so is by turning to the sun to power their homes.

Solar power is both a renewable and clean source of energy that produces no pollution or harmful environmental side effects. There are numerous benefits of solar energy for homes, and these systems require little to no maintenance after the solar energy installation process is complete. One of the most common questions that people have when it comes to installing home solar energy systems is whether or not their home is a good fit for solar. There are three general conditions that make a home ideal for residential solar energy.

  1. Plenty of Sunlight – First and foremost, a home needs to be exposed to plenty of sunlight. This means being located in an area that receives a good deal of sunlight, as well as having a well-exposed roof. Homes in the suburbs need to consider trees that shade the roof of their home, while city residents have to consider tall buildings that may block their roof from the sun. Major obstructions can prevent enough sun from reaching the solar panels that power a home.
  2. South-facing Roof – Another factor that comes into play for residential solar energy systems is the orientation of the roof. For homes located in the northern hemisphere, a south-facing orientation is ideal. Otherwise, the system may not receive enough light to create power. A roof that faces directly south is the best bet, but the orientation doesn’t have to be exact in order to collect solar energy.
  3. Roof Surface Area – Aside from the right orientation, a roof also needs adequate surface area to accommodate solar panels. Solar panels are large, so the more room on the roof the better. That said, a small roof can still be fitted with a residential solar energy system, but it won’t produce as much energy. The more solar panels, the more energy.

These home conditions make for the perfect set up for a residential solar energy system. Solar energy use has increased by about 20% EVERY YEAR over the past 15 years, and this clean, renewable source of energy has a promising future. The more we do now to reduce our environmental footprint, the better our future will be.

infoIs Your Home a Good Fit For Solar Energy?