Highest Quality Panels

Great Sky Solar is proud to use high-quality American-made products for our solar PV installations. We offer solutions for all types of homes and buildings, including those with pitched and flat roofs. Buyers can also select in-roof installations for new constructions and refurbished roofs or choose ground-mounted systems for their solar power.

Speaking with one of our installation experts will give you a good idea of which solar array will work best for you. You can also use this overview of solar rack systems to get started.

Solar Panels

We offer a variety of solar panels that are designed for different applications. Choosing the right solar array depends on many factors, including the pitch of the building’s roof, the climate the panels will be used in, and the power capacity that a property owner desires. Some examples of our systems include:

Sunmodule Plus panels utilize 6” cell technology and have a homogeneous black surface. These particular Sunmodules contain three parts: hardened glass on the front, cells embedded in EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate) in the center, and plastic film on the back. They are able to withstand loads of 5.4 kN/m², which makes this design suitable for homes that see large buildups of snow and ice.

These systems are also suited for coastal areas and have been tested for resistance against salt mist. They are appropriate for agricultural applications, as well, and are resistant to ammonia. The Sunmodules have extra space between the cells and the module frame for easy horizontal and vertical mounting, and have self-cleaning capabilities to prevent performance losses caused by dirt or other contamination.

A more compact version of the Sunmodule Plus, the Sunmodule Plus Vario Poly, is available for smaller roof areas. This design is two cell rows shorter than the standard Sunmodule Plus design. The Sunmodule system is also suited for off-grid applications.

We also offer the Sunmodule Protect, which is suited for systems that require more power. They will give property owners at least 97% of nominal power in the first year of installation and only see a performance reduction of 0.35% per year. They are designed to withstand the test of time and have a guaranteed performance of 90% after 21 years and 86.85% after 30 years.

This long-lasting and durable system is comprised of five layers: 2-mm thick solar glass with anti-reflection coating; EVA; solar cell matrix; a second layer of EVA; and a 2-mm thick solar glass with printed reflection grid on the bottom.

Solar Rack Systems

In addition to choosing the panels, your installer should also be able to figure out which solar rack system will suit your property best. Rack systems are used to mount the solar panels to the roof. Whichever one you use will be determined primarily by two factors: the pitch the roof and whether or not that roof is an existing structure.

Solar Rack Systems for Pitched Roofs

We offer two solutions for pitched roofs: the Sundeck and the Sunfix Plus.

  • The stylish design of the Sundeck can be integrated directly into roofs with a pitch between 15° and 60° and can use Sunmodule Plus panels. This versatile system can be used for both new and existing roof covers. The Sundeck system is also available in a heavy duty version, the Sundeck 8500. This system was designed specifically for use in extreme conditions and can withstand snow loads of up to 8.5kN/m².
  • The Sunfix Plus is suitable for roofs with a smaller pitch anywhere between 0° and 20°. On pitched roofs, the Sunfix Plus can be implemented on existing roofs in a parallel installation. These systems come as a prefabricated set and can withstand winds up to 100 mph. The fixing and connecting elements are made of aluminum and stainless steel. This system also includes rear vents for optimum yields.

Solar Rack Systems for Flat Roofs

For flat roofs, we give two choices: the Sunfix Plus and the Sunfix Aero 2.0:

  • The Sunfix Plus is universal for roofs of just about any angle. On flat roofs, the modules for the Sunfix Plus can be angled to a pitch of 5° for elevated installations. The supports on this system are made from aluminum and are pre-assembled. The design of solar arrays using the Sunfix Plus depend largely on the roof construction and the orientation of the modules for the best yields. On flat roofs, the Sunfix Plus can withstand winds of up to 90 mph.
  • The Sunfix Aero 2.0 is designed specifically for flat roofs. It comes in two varieties: the Sunfix Aero 2.0, which is optimized for south-facing direction and has a 15° angle of inclination, and the Sunfix Aero Duo 2.0, which is designed for east-west-facing direction with a 10° angle. The Sunfix Aero system is easy to install and consists of just a few components. Installation requires nothing more than an allen key. These two models are made from 100% aluminum and are rust-resistant.
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