Our First Blog Post! (Alternative energy no longer quite so alternative)

For our first ever blog post at the nascent, employee-owned Great Sky Solar, we were particularly heartened to read this article from The Economist (not a small time rag to be sure), forecasting that alternative energy will no longer be quite so alternative. That’s good news for us, but we think it’s good news for everyone. 
Renewables Graph
In the immortal words of a certain singer, “Times they are a changin’!” With climate change already a grave issue that the White House is actually responding to, we can take heart that there are concrete steps we can all take, and they’re becoming more and more common, as well as more affordable. Already, the cost of panels has plummeted and the incentives and tax credits are positively amazing in Massachusetts, one of the nation’s leading states in solar electric power production. No seriously, we’re giving California a run for its money.

Hope you enjoy skimming the articles – we’re definitely looking forward to more blog posts and fun, salient information as we all work to make our future (and present) more sustainable!

infoOur First Blog Post! (Alternative energy no longer quite so alternative)