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We’re dodging snow, frost & arctic temperatures to finish our 2nd installation (the 1st one’s done, but we’re waiting on NSTAR to do the obligatory “grid interconnection” appointment – basically the moment you finally get to switch on your system).

What does this mean for you?

We can now offer some free stuff as we turn the corner into the busy season. Word-of-mouth is spreading about all the remaining tax incentives and payouts for those who strike while the market’s orange hot, and our unique high quality worker-owned approach will be in high demand, so now’s the time to have us over for a visit, let us work up a proposal for you, and see if it might make sense to go solar.

We’re also connecting people with FREE No-Cost Energy Assessments though our friends and partners at Co-Op Power, a fantastic organization dedicated to helping folks reduce energy usage and live in a more just & healthy planet. Sign up HERE.


  • A No-Cost Home Energy Assessment – to identify the energy-saving improvements that are right for you
  • No-Cost Compact Fluorescent lights – to help you start saving energy immediately
  • No-Cost Targeted Air Sealing – to close up leaks in your insulation
  • 75% Off up to $2000- toward the installation of approved energy-saving improvements such as insulation etc.
  • 0% HEAT Loan – for eligible improvements like the customer cost of insulation and solar hot water (subject to approval)
  • Generous Rebates – for high efficiency heating and hot water equipment

Our Great Sky Solar site visits are increasing in number (despite the chilly weather & rooftop snow), and we’re getting preliminary proposals out to folks on the Cape, all the way to Central Massachusetts and beyond. That means we’re going to start slotting jobs to begin work come Springtime, and given our small-but-growing team of staff and co-owners, now is the time to get us on your calendar before we get too full.

Great Sky Solar’s no-pressure ethical sales approach educates and empowers you with all the options that could be right for you without getting you to “sign now!” without really having time to think about it.

We’ll also price-match anyone else (which we can do without undercutting quality – we have less overhead as a worker-owned co-op, so we’re naturally going to be more cost competitive).

Get in touch with us now for more info and a high quality chat.

The Great Sky Solar Team

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