About Us

We’re much more than just another generic solar installer! We’re a local, worker-owned cooperative. That means every member of our team, as co-owners, has a vested interest in providing the best possible experience for you. We don’t have huge percentages of our profit margins vacuumed out to pay executive salaries, allowing us to put more of the overhead cost right back into higher-quality panels and racking. And as a new class of company called a Social Benefit Corporation, we’re like a hybrid of nonprofit and for-profit. We’re legally protected to make decisions that aren’t just based on sheer profiteering at the expense of our values.

We’ll go over multiple financing options (and the pros and cons of each) for your unique situation. At Great Sky Solar, we believe in a collaborative, transparent approach and are thrilled to teach people how to “look under the hood” of a proposal and identify how it works. We are your advocate, whether or not you go with our company (sometimes, we’ll even recommend other solutions if it makes sense).

So drop us a line – we’d be thrilled to chat with you about solar!


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