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We’re much more than just another generic solar installer! We’re a local, worker-owned cooperative. That means every member of our team, as co-owners, has a vested interest in providing the best possible experience for you. We don’t have huge percentages of our profit margins vacuumed out to pay executive salaries, allowing us to put more of the overhead cost right back into higher-quality panels and racking. And as a new class of company called a Social Benefit Corporation, we’re like a hybrid of nonprofit and for-profit. We’re legally protected to make decisions that aren’t just based on sheer profiteering at the expense of our values.

We’ll go over multiple financing options (and the pros and cons of each) for your unique situation. At Great Sky Solar, we believe in a collaborative, transparent approach and are thrilled to teach people how to “look under the hood” of a proposal and identify how it works. We are your advocate, whether or not you go with our company (sometimes, we’ll even recommend other solutions if it makes sense).

So drop us a line – we’d be thrilled to chat with you about solar!


Katherine-F-ThumbnailKATHERINE FISHER | Chief Executive Officer: Katherine is a climate activist with a deep commitment to social justice. She has a degree in environmental science and previous solar experience, and enjoys using the quantitative and scientific parts of her brain to help create the world she wants to live in.  She’s a founding member of the Young Adult Friends Climate Working Group, a group of Quaker young adults helping their faith community deal with the reality of climate change and take action. Katherine also sings in Voices Rising (a feminist chorus), and is an aspiring beekeeper.

                                                                                                       (888) 966-0726 x101 | katherinef@greatskysolar.com

Michael-M-Thumbnail-ImageMICHAEL MONROE | Chief Operating Officer: Michael spent a decade in sales for a company that champions the ethical sales practices he’s now hard-wired into the Great Sky culture. He’s a touring spoken word performer and was the Development Director for the highly successful 2011 & 2013 National Poetry Slams. He actively volunteers with the Bisexual Resource Center and is a confessed public transportation nerd. He’s a father of a brilliant 12 year-old daughter – a big reason he feels it’s critical to create a sustainable present and future.

(888) 966-0726 x102 | michaelm@greatskysolar.com

Molly-Thumbnail-ImageMOLLY WEXLER-ROMIG : Bringing a plethora of skills, knowledge, and chutzpah to the solar team, Molly is Great Sky Solar’s not-so-secret asset for everything from expert system design, to site audits on your roof! Her background in independent research informs her diligent attention to detail, leaving no stone unturned in the process. She is a fantastic leader and has interests in traditional harmony singing, backpacking, and social justice.

(888) 966-0726 x105 | mollyw@greatskysolar.com

Molly-Thumbnail-ImageJACKSON MILLER : Jackson has a passion for social justice and environmental conservation and is relishing the opportunity to work with a company that values workplace democracy and strives to create a sustainable future. He has transitioned from interning with Great Sky Solar to working as a full-time employee, where he is cultivating his skills before he returns to Vassar to study Environmental Studies. In his free time, Jackson enjoys meditating, watching Netflix, knitting, and spending time with his family.

(888) 966-0726jacksonm@greatskysolar.com

Jamal-ThumbnailJAMAL IBRAHIM : Straight out of high school, Jamal partnered to open a successful healthy fusion cafe in Omaha – an experience that helped him solidify his natural talent at understanding business issues and people. At UMass Boston, Jamal founded a social media marketing company contracted to market through one of the most successful business incubators in Boston. While majoring in Social Anthropology, Jamal received a scholarship to assist in a reforestation project in Senegal, West Africa, where he saw a great need for businesses to take a sustainable, environmentally conscious approach.

(888) 966-0726 | jamali@greatskysolar.com

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